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Hey There

We're the French's!  Dad Eric, along with Nate, Ella and Clara - we have been part of the Navarre Beach community for many years!  Vacationing at the beach is our favorite way to spend time together as a family!

Let us tell you a bit more...

There are also have a couple other "projects" that are near and dear to our hearts.  Eric and Nate have a charitable organization called Baseball Libre.  Eric is the Founder and CEO. Under his direction, Baseball Libre has begun revitalizing some of the most underprivileged baseball communities in Latin America. With more than two decades of entrepreneurship, starting and growing for-profit organizations, Eric and his team have proven that getting involved can play an integral role in the success of baseball communities of Latin America and the lives of their youth.  You can learn more about Baseball Libre here.  We would love to have you get involved and support our mission!  BTW...A portion of every stay at Bartholomew's Bullpen goes to support that mission.  

Our other "project" is Sisters Lemonade which is run by Ella and Clara.  This awesome lemonade company started with selling lemonade at big brother's baseball games and has quickly grown into a full-fledged lemonade manufacturer with a variety of flavors and products!  Stay tuned for updates and samples offered at Sister's Chalet!  

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